Will your CBD infused products get me high?

No, Patsy’s Hemp products are infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and contain less than .03% THC. Hemp “CBD” is known for having calming and relaxing effects but is not psychoactive.

How many chocolates should I eat?

With each product containing 25 mg of CBD, most people enjoy 1-2 candies or until the desired results are met.

Does Patsy’s Hemp products contain CBD or Hemp Seed Oil?

Patsy’s Hemp products infuses Full Spectrum Hemp Extract into all of our products containing high amounts of CBD. We do not use any Hemp Seed Oil in our products.

Are Patsy’s Hemp products legal in my state?

Yes, Patsy’s Hemp products are made with Hemp Extract making it legal in all 50 states.

Where is the Hemp used in Patsy’s Hemp products grown?

Our extract that we use for each Patsy’s Hemp product is derived from Colorado grown Hemp and always will be.